Armenian Journal of Public Policy / Vol. 1, No 1 / Sep. 2003

Financial support of the World Bank in Armenia in publishing this issue is gratefully acknowledged

Vahram Avanesyan and Lev Freinkman
Costing-out the Big Bang: Impact of External Shocks on the Armenian Economy at the Outset of Transition

Garbis Iradian
Armenia: The Road to Sustained Rapid Growth

David A. Grigorian
Banking Sector in Armenia: What Would it Take to Turn a Basket Case into a Beauty Case?

Richard Beilock
Helping Armenia without Helping the Blockade

Arman Grigorian
Armenia's Geopolitical Environment: Threats and Opportunities

Anna Ohanyan
The Governance Potential of NGOs and Multi-Sectoral Partnerships in Armenian Public Sector: Lessons from Microcredit NGOs of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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