Armenian Journal of Public Policy / Proceedings / March 2007

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B. Roberts

Overview of Findings

B. Roberts

Keynote Presentation

G. Hufbauer
Economic Sanctions in a Global Economy

Border Opening Impacts: Trade

K. Torosyan, R. Beilock
A Phased Strategy for Opening Armenia’s Western Border

K. Torosyan, R. Beilock
Economic Potential for Regional Integration of Armenia and Northeast Turkey

T. Jrbashyan, H. Barseghyan, V. Slobodyanyuk, G. Sargsyan, A. Shaboyan

Study of the Economic Impact on the Armenian Economy from Re-Opening the Turkish-Armenian Borders. Implications for External Trade

M. Baghramyan
Estimating the Change in Trade Flows Between Armenia and Turkey if the Border is Open: Case Study Based on Georgia-Turkey and Armenia-Iran Trade

S. Sargsyan
Transportation and Administrative Costs: Unearned Surplus

Border Opening Impacts: Investment

K. Banaian, B. Roberts

The Impacts of Conflict Risk Reduction on the Armenian Economy

J. Bosbotinis, I. Ghaplanyan

The Economic and Social Consequences of Reopening the Armenian Turkish Border: The Implications for the South Caucasus, Turkey, and Europe

Border Opening Impacts: Labor and Product Market Integration

Dz. Derderian
Border Opening Impacts: Labor and Product Market Integration. Alternative Destinations of Migration

O. Gokcekus
Green-Line Regulation and Its Economic Implications in Cyprus

Border Opening: Distributional Consequences

A. Khanjian
Opening Armenia’s Border: Sectoral and Distributional Consequences

S. Kalaycioglu
Exploring Complementarities Between Turkey and Armenia for Regional Cooperation: Potentials and Challenges

Border Opening: Public Sector and Regional Implications

A. Ohanyan
Tress and Trespassers: The Political Economy Approach to the Study of Armenia-Turkey Cross-Border Engagement

B. Gultekin

Evaluating the Impact of the Opening of the Border on the Normalization of Turkish-Armenian Relations

Public Opinion and Border Opening

T. Mkrtchyan
Results from a Public Debate/Survey in Gyumri

A. Kotchikian
The Impo(r)tence of Public Opinion: An Analysis of Public Surveys in Armenia

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