Armenian Journal of Public Policy / Special Issue / Dec. 2006
Dual Citizenship: Alternative Arrangements, Economic Implications, and Social Dimensions

Financial support of UNDP in publishing this issue is gratefully acknowledged.

Henk Van Goethem
A Few Legal Observations Pertaining to Nationality

Aleksandr V. Gevorkyan
Dual Citizenship in Armenia: Nature of the Debate since Independence

Narine Solomonyan
Dual Citizenship as a Legal Category

Andrew Kzirian
Dual Citizenship for the Republic of Armenia: Posing Questions of Law and Circumstance

Zaruhi Sahakyan
The Impact of Immigration and Repatriation on Labor Market: Literature Review and Implications for Armenia

Richard Antaramian
Is There a Dual Citizenship Model for Armenia? Some Reflections on the Usage of the Terms “Armenia,” “Homeland,” and “Diaspora”

Satenik Mkrtchyan and Ruzanna Tsaturyan
Socio-Cultural Aspects of Iranian-Armenian Youth Repatriation to the Republic of Armenia

AIPRG Concept Paper on Dual Citizenship

Biographies of Conference Participants

Editorial Board / Guest Editor's Note